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Work Tomorrow

Work this week, get paid next Friday!

McCall has short and long-term temporary assignments that could put YOU on the payroll immediately.

  • Flexibility... Variety... Challenge... Immediate Pay...
  • ...Build your skills, confidence and experience...
  • ...Conduct an informed job search...
  • ...Develop employment references..
  • ...Earn income while looking for the perfect job fit...
  • ...Try out different job descriptions and environments...
People choose to work as a temporary employee for lots of different reasons. Some for just a short while... others as a lifestyle.

Whatever the motivation, McCall assignment employees repeatedly tell us that their reason for choosing and staying with McCall is because we take the time to understand each employee's interests and motivation for temporary work. Then, we make assignment selections that make sense and bring value to their lives (and wallets).

Our assignment employees are crucial to McCall success. It is therefore important to McCall that our employment relationship begins on a positive note...starting with an application process that is a friendly, non-threatening experience and one that does not waste candidate time or raise false expectations.

When new employment candidates contact McCall, our receptionist asks them to send her a resume so that she can ensure that we have the type of jobs for which they qualify. That resume is entered into our candidate database.

If it appears that we are a logical resource for the candidate's background and career aspirations, we send them a link to our full application. We do not make this link readily available because we do not want to take candidate time unless there is a reasonable likelihood that we can be a ready resource in the foreseeable future.

Once the full application has been completed and returned to McCall it is given to a placement professional for review and appropriate follow up.

If we don't have fairly immediate prospects

Some candidates are not asked to immediately complete our application. However, we do often reach out to them later if a subsequent (key-word) search of our database leads us to believe that they could be a logical match for something that has come in from a client.

After completing the application form

After completing the application form and before in-person interview, administrative candidates applying for temp and temp-to-hire assignment are asked to take computer assessment 'tests' so that we don't get someone into an assignment beyond their skill comfort. Our free tutorials often help our candidates build their skills if it will help us better find them a good assignment. We are also able to accept recent test scores from other recruiting sources to save candidate time.

Our aim is to personalize every job referral

In-person interviews are the final part of the process. Interests and abilities are explored to determine what type of assignments each new-hire prefers. Frank and reasonable feedback lets candidates know what they can expect from McCall.

We hate to keep people waiting and suggest you make an appointment before coming in for employment. We are only permitted to employ persons over the age of 18 who are legally eligible to work in the United States.

Please bring documents that confirm your identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

Our assignment employees are paid on each Friday following the week they work on assignment for McCall. In order to make this quick work-to-payroll turnaround, assignment hours must be approved and received by Tuesday preceding payroll.

Hours are submitted on our website, by email or fax. The original timecard, signed by employee and supervisor, is required before the check can be released.

Wise, honest counsel and good jobs that are a match for your skill set and that meet your compensation requirements are the biggest benefit McCall offers.

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