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The McCall staff combine to offer MORE...

  • MORE Experience
  • MORE Teamwork
  • MORE Employment Resources
  • MORE Certified Professional Expertise
More Experience!

Our successful reputation is not a fluke. It directly results from unusual depth of experience and tenure.

  • Over 40 years as leading locally owned firm
  • Chances are if you reach out to McCall for assistance, you will reach the same person you enjoyed working with the last time you called on us.

Experience and continuity optimize McCall service reliability.

More Teamwork!

Our unusual staff tenure promotes cooperation and teamwork. It maximizes our ability to communicate effectively about each candidate and each job order. Better communication means that each client and each candidate has more than one person working for them.

There is strength in numbers: each McCall client and each McCall candidate benefits from a coordinated effort that draws upon the talents of an entire service team.

More Resources!

More experience and more tenure = more employment contacts!
Personalized attention to the unique interests and concerns of each client, job-seeker and assignment employee has fostered enduring service relationships.

More Professionalism!

Our years of experience speak to successful professional dedication. We survive and prosper in a demanding industry because we are careful (and caring) professionals who take our service obligations seriously.

Recognizing that professional success is dependent upon the long-term success of the people we serve, our professional training is ongoing. A close advisory relationship with an employment law specialist also ensures that we are well versed in the letter and the spirit of laws protecting the employment interests of client and candidate alike.

As dedicated staffing professionals, we respect and safeguard the long-term interests and reputations of those we serve.


+ Over 40 years Bay Area experience
+ Unusually experienced & stable staff
+ Long-term relationships & referral base
+ Local ownership & accountablility
= MORE service capability & reliability