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The McCall talent bank has been three decades in the making. It has been created through a reliance upon personal referrals, employee retention, a sustained advertising presence, internet recruiting and strategic planning that anticipated the current tight labor market.

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We staff positions at all levels, across all industries including many non-profit organizations.

Our service "roots" were in staffing administrative and support-staff positions. However, the breadth of positions we have been called upon to fill has expanded as our former candidates progressed in their careers and made McCall part of their career ladder or a resource for filling positions in their new firms.

As a result, in addition to being ever ready to supply the executive assistants and other support personnel for which we've always been known, we've learned to be responsive and creative to meet changing service requests, staffing such diverse positions as a corporate chauffeur, a Consulate's housekeeper, HR managers, media coordinators, fundraisers, operations, marketing and financial executives. In fact, in a single month we were able to gear up to staff a call center requiring more than 100 CSR's. (Eventual accomplishments for this client exceeded 300 temp and temp-to-hire employees).

The following links describe our resource strategy:

Accent On Personal Referrals
Quality Service
+ time in the marketplace
= repeat referral resources

Since our inception, personally referred candidates have been a recruitment strength and hallmark for McCall. The origins of our company was a 'coming together' of industry professionals who left competing staffing firms ...each with substantial "personal followings". As we hired new staff, we emphasized the importance of earning respect and loyalty so that candidates who were well treated would send in their friends.

To this day, the core of our success is our continued ability to build and retain a loyal following by 'treating people right'...listening carefully and personalizing our referrals.

55% of our Assignment Employees are personal referrals
Retaining Proven Resources
Quality Service
+ time in the marketplace
= repeat referral resources

When a staffing firm must continually replenish the 'talent bank' on which they rely for contract and temporary assignments, it is usually at the expense of the service and benefits offered to clients and employees alike.

McCall is proud to point to our talent retention.

We invest the time and money saved through reduced turn over in better pay and benefits for employees who have already proven their abilities on assignment. Of the people currently on assignment through McCall:

  • 40% have been on McCall Assignment for more than 3 months
  • 14% have been working for McCall for more than 6 months
  • 8% have worked for McCall for more than one year
  • In fact...
  • Several temporary employees have worked steadily for McCall
    for more than 15 years
  • One 6-year employee has chosen to remain on the same assignment
    for more than 4 years

McCall's long-term relationships with our Assignment Employees are testimony to their good experience with the McCall staff are proven, time-tested resources for our clients results in life-time referrals of other talented Assignment Employees.

McCall Staffing has always valued, respected, and celebrated our individual differences. Our candidates reflect our core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion and our commitment to supporting a diverse workforce.

Beyond our heavy reliance on an abundance of personal, candidate, and client referrals, McCall continues to build a talent database well in advance of labor shortfalls. We subscribe to professional resume banks such as LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, etc. for posting positions and sourcing candidates nationwide. McCall regularly updates these resources in keeping with the most current recruiting trends. In addition, we are invested in the leading Applicant Tracking System in our industry allowing us to be successful and swift in our placements especially for those urgent talent needs.

Outstanding service to candidates and Assignment Employees PLUS foresight in recruitment planning and careful cultivation of referrals and the loyalty of placed candidates has enabled McCall to remain a primary resource for employers seeking "just the right" person for every employment need.

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