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The McCall Mission is to match our talented Candidates and Assignment Employees with appropriate positions with our Client companies.

Unique to our service is the careful, personalized approach and depth of experience that each member of our staff brings to each staffing challenge. Respect and integrity are key 'ingredients' throughout our service process.

The McCall Talent Bank

From Entry-level to Executives

McCalls' "roots" were in administrative support placement ranging from Receptionists to seasoned Executive Assistants and Office Managers. However, as our company progressed, so did our successful placements who returned for assistance during career progression and/or came back to hire through McCall. The result is staffing successes at all rungs of the career ladder.


Temporary/Contract Assignments
Calling upon the years of experience and vast network of contacts built over 40 years in business, McCall responds to interim employment requests across the whole spectrum of positions from entry-level to executives.
Some clients prefer the opportunity to hire after having a candidate work for a period of time as our temporary employee. Sometimes this is for budgetary reasons or for a mutual look-see trial period before a direct-hire commitment is offered. Just as often a good temporary assignment match results in an offer for direct-hire.
Direct Hire
Placing staff at all levels, across all industries, business and non-profit organizations.
Payroll Services
When clients find their own talent resources but are unable to bring that candidate onto their payroll, they will utilize McCall for payroll service.
Skill Assessments
McCall utilizes skill assessment tools to gauge skill proficiency as part of our Candidate and Assignment Employee qualification process. Companies utilize the capability to test current and prospective employees skill-sets.
Training Tutorials
McCall offers access to our on-line training tools to job seekers as well as client companies who are investing in building their employee abilities.
Independent Contractors
Determining the correct status, contractor or employee, is determined by reviewing a wide variety of factors. Certified's program is designed to help your firm determine the proper worker classification.


Employers pay McCall service fees

Fees for direct-hire placements and temp-to-hire conversions are contingent upon our placement of a candidate who is offered and accepts employment with our clients. Refund guarantees reflect the McCall commitment to service satisfaction.

Employers pay a mark-up on assignment wages

McCall assumes responsibility for payroll, taxes, insurance, benefit accruals and associated employment liabilities. Mark-up on wages varies as it is impacted by payment method and turn-around, recruitment difficulty, length of assignment and other factors.

Candidates / Temporary Employees

McCall placement and assignment referrals are at no cost to the candidate or temporary employee. Tutorials and job search seminars may be at nominal, elective cost.

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